Finding a Lawyer

Get help with the all-important very first step: finding a competent attorney to represent you and your best interests. Finding a top-notch lawyer is just a few short steps away and well worth your time and energy.

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Family Law Matters

Understand and know your rights and responsibilities under the law when it comes to your family, your loved ones, your children and our spouse. Remember, divorce and family law are designed to protect you and your rights.

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Personal Injury Law

When you've been injured, compensation might be the very last thing on your mind. The right attorney can help ensure not only a speedy return to health, but fair and equitable compensation for financial loss and suffering

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Dealing with Legal Matters

When it comes to dealing with legal issues while operating on a budget, it can be overwhelming and very worrying. We here at can help. How you can cope with legal matters effectively while keeping an eye on the budget is very much a personal matter. Note that this article was written principally with BC residents in mind but much of this still is excellent advice and remains relevant wherever you might call home.

Before you do anything, seriously consider whether you really do need a lawyer : Do you really need legal representation? Undoubtedly the cheapest way to proceed is without the services of a lawyer. Bear in mind that this is most certainly not the right choice for every legal issue, but it could very well be the right choice for you. The points below can help you decide if you need to retain an attorney:

  • Retaining a lawyer or law firm may not be cost-effective if not much money is at stake. Other professionals working in the area that is of concern to you may be sufficient. For example, paralegals, legal-aid or legal consultants may have the expertise needed to deal with your matter.
  • It may be entirely possible to resolve the matter yourself. Talking face-t0-face, an apologetic letter or an offer made in good faith may be sufficient to keep you out of the nearest lawyer’s office and courts.
  • Provided the issue is not to complex, you may be able to self-educate and self-represent. Your local library and the Internet contain hundreds, if not thousands, of self-help legal guides, guide books and references.

If you decide you do need an attorney to represent you, do some research, hire very carefully.  Be sure that you know exactly what you’re signing up for. We’ve got some great resources right here to help you retain and work with the best lawyer for your case in your area.