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Understanding Some Important Medical Code Definitions

For a common man, medical coding can be quite confusing and many patients as well as their relatives never get to understand these codes unless they have spent some time to learn them. Since each healthcare department has its own codes, these codes require to be understood by the public as well as medical billing companies in USA so as to ensure the right billing and medical processes have been performed. The main reason is that these codes are used to help reduce the time while explaining long processes between healthcare staff departments; but this could also lead to leaving the patient and their relatives with a big question mark linked to the codes. Here are some basic codes used in the different healthcare departments and what they mean:

Pathology Coding
The pathology department also has codes that are used to describe different medical conditions and diseases a patient may have. The codes are becoming easier to understand since most reports come with the codes and will usually also have the safety or recommended levels. The same can be said for radiology coding which again caters for patients, which require x-rays, CAT scans and other scans each having its own codes. With radiology, increasing the number of gadgets being used is also becoming more common to fix specific codes for each medical machine.

Inpatient Coding
This is an alphanumeric code which is used to describe an inpatient’s medical condition and treatment. These codes are specifically developed to help different healthcare staff understand regarding the patient’s history and current conditions. They are also used to convey the message regarding future treatment and how it should be performed. These codes help keep all medical staff attending the patient understand the situations and offer the required medication.

Finance Accounting Codes
While receiving treatment at any medical facility a patient is required to use a considerable amount of medication and other requirements. It’s important the medical staff be able to note all these down without missing any or causing confusion linked to the supplies and medication used. This is where the finance codes come in since they make it easier for communication between the medical staff and finance and accounts office and staff to be understood. This clearly shows the importance of using codes in the 21st century as more medical facilities are outsourcing the services thus making it important to use the medical codes. Medical codes may be difficult for each person to understand but they contribute immensely towards improving health and efficiency of all medical facilities.

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